Episode I: The Product Backlog

Obi-wan never TOLD you what happened to your work items, did he?

Have your attention yet?

There may be those that are new to SCRUM / Agile methods and terms.  So let’s answer the first question…

Artem Marchenko, chief editor of AgileSoftwareDevelopment.com describes it best;

“Product backlog in Scrum is simply a list of things needed to be done.”

He goes on to say that the difference between a backlog and any other list of needed work is in how that list or work is handled.  As Artem suggests, there is nothing special about a product backlog in and of itself, rather, its effectiveness lives in how it is used.  An effective product backlog will not solve any pre-existing issues within a development group, but the lack of one will prevent any group wanting to become “one with the agile” from doing so…why is this?   It’s simple, agile development centers around small self-managed groups which can take on work in consumable chunks and provide value to the group’s empire incrementally, iteratively, and often. It’s the self-managed portion of this broad definition that requires what is called a well-groomed product backlog.

More to follow…​

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