Ways of the Agile Ones – Agile Success

Success Breeds Success…

It’s an old and familiar saying…but how does one know when true organization progress is being made by a group that is new to Agile?  Here are some quick signs of progress towards Agile success, some more obvious than others…

  • A team continues to increase their velocity while improving the quality of their code deliverable – one starts to see multiple consecutive deliveries from the team to regression environments with no new regression items discovered
  • In a short span (weeks instead of months) one sees teams provide their customer group with HVBC (high-value-but-complex) functionality which they previously could not get to UAT, let alone production, without multiple rounds of regression
  • Releases start to go out (to UAT and Prod) shortly after “Dev-complete” status is reached and within the same iteration / sprint
  • Value (in the form of functionality delivered to production systems) is rolling out to production on a consistent basis, not just quarterly or worse
  • Fire drills, hot fixes, and all the activity that resembles both of these efforts nearly disappears from the schedules of the development teams
  • Team members, SM’s and PO’s begin to receive recognition for production from outside the development organization
  • One continues to see talent step up and contribute in many different, possibly even new ways
  • New Scrum Masters are evolving out of well-functioning Scrum teams
  • The organization coaches start to have the capacity to train new teams internally as new projects and programs request to move to Agile development
  • An intake process emerges which simplifies the process of identifying the work that needs to be done
  • The Product Owner has regular conversations within the stakeholders as to the importance and priority of the work that is identified
  • A true Product Road-map begins to take shape as a result of improved communication with the product stakeholders

Now, here is where the old saying materializes; the word gets out. Teams start to see new requests for information and training from people who recognize the progress made, and want to learn the “ways of the Agile Ones”.  One also sees requests from employees who work with or have interactions with the current Agile teams that want to better understand the process so they can communicate effectively moving forward.

So keep up the good work and keep the innovation moving…people will begin to notice!


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