7% is not enough! 1

I’m sure you have all seen the many, many blogs, articles and accounts of emails shortcomings when it comes to communication.  Personally I am not a fan of this method of communication and once again, just last week, I found myself in the common situation of having to send multiple emails to explain an email which I hastily sent.

Check out this YouTube™ video titled “Why Email Starts Fights!” THAT’S IT! Only 7%, that’s right 7% of the messages we try to convey are encapsulated in the words we use!?!

This is what we all experience when email is used to substitute other forms of more traditional communication.  The video states that you should avoid using email if the message contains potentially emotional or sensitive information, but human nature shows us, daily, that the majority of us are poor judges of others emotions and perceptions.

We work and live in a global, distributed world, so we are not getting away from email anytime soon, nor should we consider eliminating it.  Simply modifying the way we utilize the tool can greatly affect your overall relations and effectiveness with your friends, relatives, and fellow team members.  After all, a hammer is a great tool for driving home nails, but a poor tool for securing in screws – don’t blame the tool, it’s just doing what you ask of it.

Technology is a great, and we continue to evolve our communications utilizing new methods of communicating.  However, there is something to be said for keeping your conversations “old school” and picking up a phone.

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