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20140223_125542 - Copy (3)With over 25 years of experience, both in the trenches and in senior management in organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Mike has experience with executive training, enterprise alignment, strategic planning, software development, project management, product development, sales, and other areas, in both software and non-software environments. Mike is currently the Director of Lean and Agile at Strategy Execution and works with companies on creating alignment, improving performance, blending existing cultural dynamics with lean-agile thinking, applying business agility to non-IT organizations and leading lean-agile transformation adoption. Mike designs and develops training and coaching approaches using Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking and Organizational Development techniques and mindsets to grow internal competencies for sustainable improvement. Mike has applied lean and agile management and process improvement techniques within the insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, service and financial communities (over 30 companies).

Agile Scrum Certs



Training / Coaching / Management Available for:

Process Improvement

  • Becoming more Predictable
  • Transitioning the Enterprise from Traditional to Iterative Workflow
  • Effective Enterprise Product & Project Intake Process
  • Effective Enterprise Product & Project Management
  • Effective Iterative & Traditional SDLCs
  • Integrating Enterprise Helpdesk into Product Improvement

Personal Development

  • Self-Organizing & Situational Leadership Skills
  • Conflict Resolution in an Agile Environment
  • Improving Communications between Development Teams, Management, and Customers
  • How to Sell your Process as a Benefit

Iterative or Agile Workflow

  • Proper User Stories
  • Open Space Design & Configuration
  • Effective Product Backlogs
  • Product Owner & Scrum Master Training
  • Agile & Scrum Essentials for Development Organizations
  • Agile & Scrum Essentials for Executive Management & Stakeholders
  • Effective Iterative Transparency
  • Effective Product Roadmaps & Product Concept Boards

Project Management

  • Effective Integration of Iterative Process and PMO in an Enterprise Scale Organization
  • Product Owner, Project Manager Collaboration in an Enterprise Scale Organization


    • Leveraging Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, and Organizational Design elements to improve operations, leadership, and delivery
    • Teaching IT organizations and their stakeholders how to identify value and prioritize work accordingly
    • Working in a large scale global, multi-product development and release organization including off-shore
    • Mentoring global teams on improved Waterfall, Iterative, and blended methodologies
    • Providing processes to allow distributed teams to work effectively within an Agile structure
    • Developing Product Owners in organizations new to Agile / Scrum / Iterative development
    • Developing and training Waterfall / Agile /  blended / Iterative SDLC elements
    • Assessing and mentoring staff to build and foster sustainable healthy team dynamics
    • Creating and conducting training in improved Waterfall / Agile / Iterative methodologies
    • Bridging traditional gaps between stakeholders / management / IT / release / support / implementation
    • Increasing transparency and accuracy of product and project progress to executive staff and customers
    • Growing and mentoring employee soft-skills to improve work environment satisfaction and productivity
    • Creating training material customized to an organizations environment and needs

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